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Ensuring that your employee selection process is valid and reliable has many advantages.  In addition to helping protect your organization from costly litigation-related to claims of hiring discrimination, it simply makes good strategic sense.  A valid selection device helps you hire the most creative, innovative and productive workforce and can even help reduce turnover and workplace injuries.

The Radical Statistician



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The Higgins Group provides a depth of analysis and level of service that is unparalleled.  Not only do we approach every compensation analysis for what it really is--a scientific study to identify risks and potential problems--but we strive to constantly raise the bar on what is considered quality service.  Join other federal contractors who have sought our assistance meeting OFCCP requirements.


Compensation Analysis

The Radical Statistician : Unleashing the power of applied statistics in the real world is a practical guide to understanding and using applied statistics for non-mathematicians.  While those with a strong math background may benefit, this book was written for those who feel that math is not their strength.  If you are a high school or college student, a business professional wanting to learn more about analytics, or an applied researcher, join the many others who have benefited from the teaching of Dr. Jim Higgins, The Radical Statistician


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