Dr. Jim Higgins, Ed.D.

Dr. Higgins, has over 23 years of professional hands-on experience applying the tools of science and statistics in solving practical business-related problems as an executive, manager, consultant, and analyst.  Features of his career include:

  • Sr. Managing Director of The Higgins Group, LLC - Conducting OFCCP-compliant analyses of employee compensation, developing and validating pre-employment examinations, conducting leadership and organizational research.
  • Manager of Testing and Selection for a California State Agency - Directing a staff of professional analysts conducting job analyses, developing, validating, and administering a wide variety of assessment instruments for legal, law enforcement, and administrative positions.
  • Principal Consultant and Director of Compensation Analysis for Biddle Consulting Group - Analyzing compensation data from a wide variety of federal contractors to assist in complying with OFCCP rules and requirements, conducting job analyses, and both developing and validating pre-employment examinations.
  • Independent Consultant for the United States Department of Labor's Pacific Assessment Research and Development Center - assisting in the development and validation of Forms E and F of the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) and conducting research on the use and validity of Biodata tests as an alternative testing procedure.
  • Professor applied statistics for California State University Sacramento (adjunct) and American River College in Sacramento, California (Tenure Track)


Our organization is all about "Service from Gratitude".  Our founder, Dr. Jim Higgins, was fortunate to receive a liver transplant in 2012 after 13 years of suffering from a little understood illness that was diagnosed when he was 38. 

The gift of a generous woman that made it possible for him to once again enjoy a completely healthy life also changed how he views our business.  We strive to provide the most responsive and high-quality products and services to our clients, not just because it makes for good business, but also because we are very grateful to be here to serve them.  Each day is an honor. 

We believe you will discover that, in all our actions, we strive to maintain the highest level of ethics, quality, over-the-top-service, and patient assistance until you are completely satisfied with all our work for you.

Our Vision

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Gratitude In Action

The Higgins Group extends ifs philosophy of service that we show to our clients to the broader community of humanity.  One of our key goals is to make the world a better place.  For this reason, we dedicate up to 15% of our gross annual revenues to various charities that strive to:

  • Care for and educate children who have lost their parents through war or disasters both natural and man-made,
  • Provide healthcare to the poor or disadvantaged,
  • Provide opportunities for youth to attend summer camp and experience the outdoors,
  • Assist communities to rebuild after disasters,
  • Provide training and assistance to communities in the developing world in order to become self-sufficient, learn sustainable agriculture, and develop sources of clean, fresh water.