Our staff are highly trained professionals in the area of pre-employment test development and validation.  We have developed and validated nearly every form of test that is typically used in industry, government and law enforcement.  Multiple choice tests, structured interviews, biodata, job simulations, assessment centers, and tests of physical ability.


Our typical methodology for developing and validating pre-employment tests and hiring assessments follows the Content Validation strategy as outlined in the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.  This methodology is used to develop about 80% of the pre-employment tests used across the United States.  In addition to being straight forward and easy to implement, the Content Validation strategy has been used to successfully defend employers in many thousands of cases involving charges of hiring discrimination.

In addition to content validation, we also can use a strategy known as Criterion Validation.  This strategy, which is more complex because it is statistical in nature, allows an organization to actually document how effective a test is at predicting employee performance.  Interestingly, this method of validation can also be used to develop tests that measure the probability of employee turnover, trainability, probability of workplace injuries (which can be useful in industries where worker's compensation is a significant factor), and many other aspects of employee performance.  While this method sounds appealing, it is challenging to implement for a variety of reasons which explains why it is used less frequently than content validation.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your hiring assessment development and validation needs.  Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and the highest quality hiring assessments/pre-employment tests at a value that is unrivaled in the industry.

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