• Excel's data analysis toolpak
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • A number is not necessarily a number: Levels of measurement
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Measures of variability
  • Z-scores
  • Introduction to correlation
  • Introduction to linear regression
  • Introduction to multiple regression
  • Introduction to probability
  • Introduction to experimental design and sampling
  • Independent samples t-tests
  • Paired samples t-tests
  • Introduction to analysis of variance
  • Chi-square

To schedule a Radical Statistician seminar, please email Dr. Jim Higgins at TheRadicalStatistician@gmail.com or call (916) 204-1749. 

Looking for a practical guide that will help you master the basics of applied statistics?  Consider purchasing The Radical Statistician: Unleashing the power of applied statistics in the real world, by Dr. Jim Higgins. This book has been praised by readers from around the world for its clear and understandable explanations.

Written specifically for those who are not mathematicians, The Radical Statistician does not try to teach you everything there is to know about statistics, but rather what you need to know in order to be successful in school or in a professional setting.

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The Radical Statistician is both a book and a training curriculum that is designed to quickly help students and professionals develop the skills to apply statistical thinking and analyze data in a real world setting.  

The Radical Statistician

Seminar Overview


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Dr. Jim Higgins is available to teach his widely praised 2 and 3-day seminars where he covers the topics contained in his book, The Radical Statistician: Unleashing the power of applied statistics in the real world.  Dr. Higgins has been presented these seminars across the country at conferences, private company training sessions as well as for the State of California Department of Human Resources and CPS Human Resource Services Training Centers.

Classes are taught using Microsoft Excel (attendees must provide their own laptop) and its integrated Data Analysis ToolPak so that students are able to learn how to run the analyses in academic and/or professional settings.  By the end of the seminar, attendees with not only understand how to run analyses but they will also understand the basic foundations of how the statistical tests work and when to use them.

If you would like Dr. Jim Higgins to provide his on-sight statistics training for your company, school, association or group, our typical costs (excluding training room costs) are based on the number of attendees and are presented below:

Groups up to 10 attendees - $2,800 (2-day) and $3,400 (3-day)

Groups of 11 to 20 attendees - $265 per attendee (2-day) and $280 per attendee (3-day)

Groups of 21 to 30 attendees - $190 per attendee (2-day) and $225 per attendee (3-day)